Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TAD offers scholarships for Women in Art!

Hey all! I just noticed this while browsing ConceptArt.Org this morning before work. I've been following the first few scholarships handed out to their partner school, The Art Department, and now Jason Manley has announced that two full rides and two half ride scholarships have been set aside exclusively for female applicants!

You can view the post here here and apply to TAD by going here and clicking on Apply Now. All female applicants are eligible for the scholarships.

I'm not planning on going back to school full time (at least not for a while!) but I think it's a great move on TAD's part to support female artists in the industry.

In other news, the deadline for submissions to Exposé 8 is coming up. February 22nd - that's less than a week away! (Side note - crap, I really need to finish my submission...) Here's the link - good luck!