Thursday, July 16, 2009

Women in Fantasy Art on Ninja Mountain

This week's episode of Ninja Mountain features a segment with Anne Stokes and Socar Myles talking about women working in fantasy art. They talk about how their gender has impacted their careers, some of the more egregious missteps people have made with them because they are female, and how being female has influenced their work.

So head on over to Ninja Mountain and have a listen (or download it on iTunes!)

Anne Stokes

Socar Myles


  1. Hi Melissa!

    I just found this blog through your blog, through a mention in Ninja Mountain Episode #13! I just wanted to ask which episode was this podcast? I'm going through Ninja Mountain from the beginning (I'm just finished with #13, actually) and the dates are a bit funny so I couldn't tell.

    I'm an aspiring freelance full time concept artist, mostly just waiting for my first big break. These gals are really an inspiration, if nothing else, just to show if they can do it- I can do it! I am following this blog now for future tips as to how to make it in the industry.

    Char Reed

  2. I just came back here to say I was a bit wide of the mark with my comments, in this episode (the gist of which, I believe, was that if there was much sexism in the field, I hadn't noticed its effect).

    My position now is that it's definitely out there, and it can come at you from sources you'd never have imagined, so be a bit more cynical than I was: the illustration industry, though home to many wonderful people, is by no means bigot-proof. :-(

    (This is Socar.)